Choreographic Scores

                    Studies on:
                            Unwillingly counting repeated -- ¨no.¨

To not be behind or in front of the rhythm but to exists inside of it. Rhythm not as a musical structure, but as an abstract measure that defines time in space; a motion, a gesture, a task. ¨The natural time-space defined by the physical situation; friction against gravity, etc.¨[1]

The score of ¨Rhythm Structuring Film And Or Film Structuring Rhythm¨ occurs in two happenings – choreography being dependent to the video.

This study leaps into the obsessive compulsion to meticulously, unwillingly, and yet very consciously, count rhythms in all forms. Forms like: a church group clapping to the beat of Jesus, a dog wagging its tail, a woman charring butter, your mother reprimanding you - as if repeating the word, no nine times made her point any clearer.

This film is structured by circumstances (events) of rhythm that were found on the streets of CDMX. This is projected and accompanied by sounds that connects the two happenings of the study: video / choreography. The mappings of the choreography are parallel to the sequences of rhythmic circumstances (events) in the video.

In this event, I show 16 circumstances of rhythm and pair each circumstance to its corresponding gesture. Once all 16 have been exhibited, the video proceeds into different sequences that transform the gestures into alterations of rhythmic phases.

[1] Dan Graham on Steve Reich, Rock My Religion edit by Brian Wallis installation

Duration: 4:32
One Channel Video with sound and color
Choreography and video _ Renata Pereira Lima
Sound Design _ Andres Hessinger and Renata Pereira Lima