4 x 3, 3 x 4 Sunset, 18:3o hr (2019)

4x3 3x4 is a site-specific study which investigates the physicality, energetic order, and architecture of an Andalusian courtyard. Marking the scale, volume, and shape of the space via choreographic formations, viewers are provoked to perceive the space in a new fashion. Heightened perception becomes more than a reaction in itself; to perceive (yourself perceiving) becomes an action.

Choreographic Notes
on the outer perimeters of the columns activate one´s peripheral vision.  Happenings augmenting sensorial experience through means of ¨haptic vision, footwork, and place-making.¨ Movement is choreographed to emphasize the architecture to see it, as it is.

For example
0 = audience member / X =dancer
Study A. Camera Lens
*Symmetrical order of columns makes brain scan architecture in seconds _Humans have inherent appreciation for balance proportions (symmetry)*
*If 0 views 1x blue dancer, 0 vanishes surrounding 3x dancers or If 0 views 1x blue dancer, 0 vanishes dancer and perceives surrounding 3x via peripheral vision*

Study B. Mirroring
*Order of 4 x 3, 3  x 4 (column alignment) generates a rhythm that is ¨consonant¨ due to its repetitive form in architecture*
*If 2x blue dancers perform same phase on opposite corners, 0 will feel both bodies equally and evenly via peripheral vision*

Study C. Centripetal Force/Orientation becomes a situation
*A centripetal force is a force that acts on a body moving in a circular path and is directed toward the center around which the body is moving*
*Choreographic phases will travel around the outer perimeters of the columns various times as 0 remains in center*
*These laps will produce concaved forces apposed by a convex force (violin) upon 0*
*0 will begin to question its orientation within courtyard and its interaction in space*
***This is because orientation become a situation -- viewers understands his body as the horizons becomes the viewer´s physical self.***

*With centripetal and centrifugal working as rotating forcers, perception does not serve as a reaction but becomes an action*
*This activation augments 0´s body awareness and peripheral vision*

Dancers: Camila Arroyo, Ricardo Daniel, Peligro Perez Soria, Gaby Hernandez
Violinist: Pedro S.
Lighting: Andres Hessinger
Photos: Andrés Navarro Aguilera
@ Los 14